Hey you!

Welcome to VGCC, glad you found the page!

First of all, a quick overview of the characters:
Buf, Doub and Karo (and their pet spider Fluff) are running a little videogame store, living their lifes, doing random stuff and generally talk a lot. That’s pretty much it.

VGCC originally started out as a German webcomic around 2010, and what you’re visiting right now is a very minimal site to make the comics available for international users, too. I hope it’s usable and everything works conviniently for you.
Feel free to leave comments, share on Facebook, ‘Twitter or G+ (or whatever weird social website you’re into) and, generally, have fun!

If you want to check out the original site – again, it’s in German – feel free! It’s on www.vgcc.de.


So yeah, I guess that’s it!
See you around,